Jeung Beum Sohn

손정범 / 피아니스트


손정범 Jeung Beum Sohn


손정범은 2017년 세계 최고 권위 뮌헨 ARD 음악콩쿠르(독일) 피아노 부문에서도 심사위원 만장 일치로 1위에 올랐다. 모차르트 고전주의부터 차이콥스키 낭만주의에 이르기까지 독창적 해석과 다양한 색깔로 청중을 매료시켰고 유럽 전역에 끊임없이 연주 요청이 쇄도한다.


2019년 인터내셔널 저먼 피아노 어워드'에서 우승한 손정범은 파워풀하고 완벽한 테크닉에 더해 연령을 무색하게 만드는 여유로움과 자유롭게 흐르는 음악으로 당당히 정상에 올랐다. ARD 콩쿠르 이후 슈투트가르트, 뮌헨, 바이마르, 라이프치히, 드레스덴 독일 주요 도시 리사이틀을 성료했다. 세계 최정상 피아니스트들이 초청되는 유럽 유수 무대에 올라, 한창 무르익은 건반 주자 진면목을 보였다.


일찍이 20세 나이로 2011년 게오르기 에네스쿠 콩쿠르(루마니아)에 우승했고 바이에른 방송교향악단 협연(뮌헨 가슈타이크)을 비롯해, 뮌헨 체임버 오케스트라 무대에 올랐으며 웅진재단 후원으로 국내외 각종 예술 활동을 강화하고 있다. 2022년 9월부터 경희대 음대 교수로 재직하며 연주 활동에 병행해 후학을 양성한다.

On April 1st, 2019 Jeung Beum Sohn won the prestigious 9th International German Piano Award in Frankfurt Germany awarded by the International Piano Forum. Yet 2017, he became the first Korean pianist to win the 1st price at one of the world’s most prestigious, Munich ARD International Music Competition in Germany with his powerful and impeccable technic with mature and sincere musical sense. His competition repertoire ranged from Bach to Tchaikovsky, and his creative interpretation along with various color of playing have captured hearts of many. And this achievement from the competition led him advance to collaborate with the most distinguished musicians and musical venues in Europe since.


His forthcoming highlights include recitals in major German cities such as Stuttgart, Munich, Weimar, Leipzig and Dresden. His recital at Leipzig Gewandhaus is to be recorded live for future CD release, and it is to be broadcasted throughout Germany via television. He would also be featured at famous festivals in Europe which some of the World’s finest pianists are invited to play including Ruhr Festival, the largest piano festival in Germany, Busoni Piano Festival(Italy), Cervo Festival(Italy) and Colloquium Musicum Basel(Swiss).


He won the George Enescu International Competition(Romania) in 2011 only at the age of 20 that showed his strong presence to the international stage. He was also awarded from Geneve International Music Competition(Swiss) and Val Tidone International Music Competition(Italy). He has worked with renowned orchestras including Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and Munich Chamber Orchestra at Gasteig hall in Munich(Germany), and had a concerto with Schlesischen Kammer Orchestra in Katowice(Poland). He was also invited for recitals in Istanbul and Ankara from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Turkey.


Jeung Beum Sohn started playing the piano at the age of 4 and his first stage appearance was at 8 years old, at Kumho Prodigy Concert Series at Kumho Art Hall. His bright musical talent was recognized from the early stage by conquering numerous national musical competitions and he successfully made his concerto debut with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 13 playing Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1.


Since then, he has decorated notable Korean stages including Kumho Art Hall Rising Star series in 2013, and appeared with Korea's leading ensembles including Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and Gwangju Symphony Orchestra to name a few. He has received the Minister prize from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea which is given to talented people who have honored Korea.


In 2018, he was appointed as the soloist for an inaugural concert of One Korea Youth Orchestra and played Beethoven Piano Concerto No.3 under the baton of maestro Myung Whun Chung, and he also collaborated at the Korean Chamber Orchestra’s New Year concert. His following concerts in Korea includes Kumho Artist series Recital at Kumho Art Hall, concerto with Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra for its Master Series, and with Korean Symphony Orchestra for its Haydn cycle projects.


From September 2022, Jeung Beum Sohn serves as a professor at Kyung Hee University's College of Music and train younger students as well as doing performance activities.


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Jeung Beum Sohn – Spielt Tschaikowskys 1. Klavierkonzert

27 May, 2019

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Winner of the 9th International German Piano Award 2019 – Jeung Beum Sohnn

27 May, 2019